Hey guys done with the liquid based Β mocktails and coolers, searching of something new to try. welcome to my new blog. This blog is for shake lovers .Everyone loves smoothies , shakes, milkshakes ,oreo shakes But the prices of the shakes are overbudget. For college going student or anyone it’s difficult to purchase costly shakes, Before purchasing shakes, they have to think twice. So today i am going to tell you the places which would be in your pocket range . Some people are die hard lover of shakes. They take shakes with their meal ,lunch , and in dinner too.

Β  Β  Β  Β  Highlights

  • Β Best places for shakes in Delhi NCR .
  • Shakes are trending these days. Tell you the best must try shakes.
  • shakes in reasonable price and their quantity.

As you see in the highlight, we will cover all these things like place , price , qunatity, taste everything so here we go.

  1. Β Cheeky bee Β  (punjabi bagh) Β 

This outlet offers you different varieties of shakes in your pocket range. This outlet is situated in punjabi bagh.outlet is big and very cool . As you will find different outlets providing you different shakes, but cheeky bee provides the best in range

Β  Β  Β  Red velvet shake

red velvet shakes

You might have heard about red velvet cake but have you ever heard about red velevet shake ??Β Β  So here is the red velevet shake, the best thing about this shake is you gonna love it’s presentation as well as taste. Red velvet Shake’s quantity is enough for 1 person.

Price – 165

Taste – 10/10

Brownie shakebrownie shake

Brownie shake is mostly trending these days. People are mad for this shake. Brownie shake is a must try shake. If you haven’t tried it yet then what have you done ?. Cheeky bee provides this delicious shake and you know whatΒ  is the best thing about this shake? It is in our budget! If you are a brownie lover then must visit this place , and if you don’t like brownie atleast try this shake once . Quantity is enough for 1 person.

Price – 165

Taste -10/10

Presesntation – 10/10

Β Hazzelnut nocha

hazzelnut nocha


Hazzelnut nocha is an amazing shake , mixture of strong coffee and cream. This amazing shake is also present at cheeky bee . If you are a coffee lover then you must try this shake and if you aren’t, then at least give it a try, you going to be a fan of this shake and its quantity is enough for one man .

Price – 165 (Approx)

Taste – 10/10

Presentation – 10/10

Β Banter

This outlet provides the best shakes in the mid range. You gonna love their presentation , as well as their taste. Quantity is enough for Β 1 person. Outlet opens after 12:00 pm. Their shakes are heavier than normal shakes. You must try them.

Strawberry monster shake

strawberry monster shakes










Best selling shake from the banter cafΓ© . Everyone loves strawberry ,some people love them in raw form or some in juice or some in smoothies but have you ever tried a strawberry monster shake like this?? If β€œno” then must try you gonna love it. Presentation of this shake is amazing as well as quantity. It’s very dificult to finish by one person. Must try this shake .

Presentation – 10/10

Taste – 10/10

Β Oreo caramell shake

oreo caramel shakes

Are you an oreo lover ?? If yes, then this shake is for you. This must try shake from banter is amazing. It will blow your mind. This is the best refreshing shake. In this shake, you can feel the taste of chocolate and oreo. Best thing about this shake is that it’s enough for one person to finish this alone. Presentation is awesome. A must try shake.

Price – 175(approx)

Presentation – 10/10

Taste – 10/10

Β Qbic cafΓ© (patel nagar)

This place has opened recently near patel nagar metro station . It has an amazing ambience with awesome lightning. This place has got the best mocktails and the best shakes. They have the best quantity for the shakes. As 1 shake is enough for one person, and the presentations will blow your mind. Here are some must try shakes from them.

Popcorn caramell shake

popcorn shake

Perfect combo of popcorn with caramell. This is the best selling shake from the qbic cafΓ©. You gonna love the presentation as well as taste. This shake is in your pocket range. Quantity is enough for one person , when people finish this shake alone, then they are not able to eat anything.

Price – 200

Taste – 10/10

Presentation – 10/10

Oreo brownie shake

oreo brownie shakes

This the best shakes I have ever tried, perfect combinaton of brownie and oreo. This shake has got the amazing taste. Presentation wise also, it’s amazing. Quantity is enough for one person.

Price – 180(approx)

Taste – 10/10

Presentation – 10/10

Cubano cafΓ© (model town)

Another cafΓ©, another place for shakes .yeah well this place has the huge list of shakes , freak shakes , smoothies. You must try their shakesΒ  and the best part about this cafΓ© is they have made their own shake menu : means, like in other places, you can see oreo shake and chocolate shake but this place has got something new. So let’s start.

Nutella fudge freak shake

nuttela fudge shake

Are you a brownie lover ?? In how many ways you can eat brownie? Any idea? So here is this amazing shake from the cubano cafΓ© model town. Nuttela fudge freak shake, an amazing concept of brownie, whipped cream , ferraro rocher and nutella. The best part about this shake is the presentation as well as taste. Quantity is enough for one person.

Taste – 10/10

Presentation – 10/10

Captain crunch milkshake

captain crunch milkshake

Aren’t you craving after seeing this picture? Well, I think you are. So here is the second most amazing must try shake from the cubano cafΓ© . This shake will blow your mind, perfect combination of salted caramel, dark fantasy biscuit, perk and chocolate sauce. This shake is enough for one person. Quantity is amazing. Must try this shake.

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